One woman’s journey in search of Soul

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I spent my school career staring out of windows hoping that a knight on a shining stallion would come cantering by to save me from boredom (or perhaps I’d have preferred the horse on its own in those days), and as a result I graduated with D’s from school and a mediocre degree in art teaching from University. The longing that kept me staring out of windows never really left me, although I did manage to plant my feet more firmly on the earth when it wasn’t covered in concrete. And now, looking back over the vista of sixty one years, that long ago yearning was a necessary (and I suspect, not uncommon) need to merge numinous otherworldly stuff with the bare bones of this beautiful thing called life. This anchoring is what I love, teach, and continue to investigate and learn about. I do so through birth where I have spent so much of my working life, through life, and perhaps, God-Allah-Yahweh-and co willing, even through death, when I eventually wend my merry way towards it.

The Soul Integration programme connects individuals to their innermost resources. I guide pregnant parents individually to connect to the souls of their unborn babies. I write about this bridging of soul to earthly realms in “The Mama Bamba Way”, and I teach it through my new book, The Liminal Lands, which is due out in March 2019.

I would love for you to join with me to share your awe-inspiring journeys as there is a blessing in sharing, that brings the sacred closer to home. +27 76 8886551

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When we strip away our armour and our conditioning, all that is left exposed are our wild hearts soaked in an underlying matrix of love.
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Soul Integration sessions create profound shifts at a deep level of your consciousness where outworn patterns of behaviour are released to allow for a centred and balanced sense of a fully integrated self. They are guided by the Higher Self using a process of Active Imagination.






Where we honour the magnificence of birth and the soul wisdom of the incoming babies

Birth is a sacred event. Mama Bamba recognises that love and deep listening enhance the beauty of birth. We support our clients to create soul-filled births in a language that their caregivers understand and respect.



Doulas make birth safe and filled with joy, love and support.


MAMA BAMBA childbirth classes

“The more we resist and fight and fear labour, the more it hurts. The more we soften and open to the experience, the more magnificent it becomes.”

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Unborn child sessions transform your relationship with your child, because you get to know them on a soul level.


The Mama Bamba Way

There is richness and magic in birth. Yet because we are afraid of its pain and power we turn our backs on it, choosing instead to sanitise it and strip it of feeling through medical interventions.

Yet birth is a peak experience that has the potential to transform us, and birthing with conscious awareness offers our children an initial experience of life where they are shown that they need not be afraid – that life in all its intensity is something to embrace, laugh with, cry about and cherish.

A precious resource for parents to be, a reminder of the power and gifts that come from bringing mindfulness and heartfulness to the unfolding of the whole process — JON KABAT ZINN (FOUNDER OF MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION)
The stories, meditations and lived experience in this book are powerful wisdom for expecting parents. It shows us concretely how to relax into, accept and transform the fear and pain of birth by coming back to the present moment to be aware of our body and mind.— THICH NHAT HANH (ZEN MASTER AND AUTHOR OF ‘PEACE IS EVERY STEP’)
Incredibly insightful - All you need to know to connect with your baby and give birth lovingly are here— JAN TRITTEN (EDITOR OF ‘MIDWIFERY TODAY




As we spend more time with our son and each other, it becomes clear just how beautiful your teachings for the world are. We feel enormous gratitude for having had our paths cross and to have been able to weave a close bond with you and your tremendous light. Thank you for your openness, your warmth and your sincerity. Your support was as integral as breath to us, we will deeply cherish it forever.


Probably more than anything Robyn, your interest in each of us as human beings, your mindfulness of our babies, the care you took to connect and support, and your integrity and lack of judgment… that enabled us to receive what you gave.


We talked a lot about the Divine Feminine and I kind of marvelled at how you facilitated the course, completely embodying that, so it was like we were learning about that and you were actually demonstrating it in the way you ran the group…You allow; its like this water…So you steward the process so consciously and in alignment, and we can absorb the process. But also what you are modelling, so you absorb it on lots of levels. And that’s a rare thing. I don’t think I’ve met many people who have that


If I were to name the two most defining experiences of my life, top of the list would be my soul integration session with you. I am still in awe of your divine ability to tap into the heart of someone's soul and draw out their essence. In such an unassuming and gentle manner you coaxed out of me what I was holding on to at the deepest level. I could never have known I needed that release. You healed me on a level that has changed me. Settled me. If "thank you" can contain in it the depth of my gratitude then thank you a million times over.

The second experience would be the birth of my baby on the 10th of May this year -a process certainly linked to my time spent with you. My unborn child felt intrinsically what I felt during our integration session -it will remain a part her as much as it is within me.


If I can describe the Soula workshop in one word I would say it was Heart opening. 
It helped me to understand who I am as a soul on a deeper level. Not just myself, but every other person at the workshop. We were guided to open up, let go of our fears, and be vulnerable. It expanded my heart for more love and compassion to flow through me. It was a truly transformational experience…With an open heart, more compassion and a deeper understanding of our soul essence I feel more confident to support and see others on a deeper soul level. 


Robyn embraced me and my journey with unconditional love, acceptance, caring and incredible, gentle wisdom. Empowering me through love and compassion, I am truly blessed to have met her.


I attended the 3 day Soula Training with Robyn Sheldon with no idea what to expect. Having attended courses with Robyn before I knew only that it would be a sacred space where active participation and deep listening would be respected. Over the course of 3 days I was led on an exploration of my own beliefs about soul and how I integrate soul awareness in my work. My mind was opened to many aspects of soul work that I had not previously considered or not placed enough emphasis on. My heart was opened to the deep connections created when women sit in circle - something that I have missed in the last few years. It was an emotional rollercoaster because I was given the space and the tools to see my own true essence. It is a course unlike any other I have attended (and I have attended many!) and what you get out of it will be what you need because that is Robyn's gift. It could not have come at a better time. If you are called to attend this workshop, I encourage you to listen. 



photo (c) Lin Cassidy



A Retreat to Recharge, Relax and Reconnect to your True Nature

June 2020. Okavango Delta 

A 7 day inner and outer exploration to harness the wisdom of elephants, shamans and your own intuitive guidance to create the lives you have always longed to live.

The night skies and the Milky Way are so close they breathe with you as you quieten down into the magnificence of aligning with your True Nature, and it feels as though the brilliant heavens are stretching down to touch your sleeping bag.


Okavango photos (c) Lin Cassidy