25 January 2019 - 3 February 2019

Mama Bamba Doula Training


“With trust, faith and support a woman can allow her birth experience to enlighten and empower her.”

Satisfaction and fulfilment in birth do not depend on an absence of medical intervention, they do however depend on the degree to which the essential but often intangible ingredients - love, awareness, attention, respect - are present. Join us for a heart opening training that will not only equip you with the skills and knowledge to support women throughout pregnancy, labor and birth but encourage you to explore your unique doula heart deeply. Throughout the course we prioritise in depth process work ensuring that all our doulas are adept at treading lightly in birth rooms and holding profoundly sacred space for their clients.
Venue: Constantia, Cape Town
Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm daily
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Amy Mongie:+27 72 551 4287 www.robynsheldon.com   info@mamabamba.com

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8 - 10 February 2019 Cape Town

1 - 3 March 2019 Johannesburg

Soula Workshop for Care-givers

Birth and death are sacred moments of receptivity, vulnerability and transformation.


To be a soul doula or a ‘soula’ is to:

  • honour the baby’s path through the womb, birth and infancy.

  • support emerging parents to find their way through the dark unknowing of the journey.

  • offer a compassionate, unwavering, sure space for those who are dying.

The three day soula training incorporates:

  • developing self awareness

  • nurturing compassion for ourselves and by extension everyone we encounter

  • skillfully responding to each moment as it arises with equanimity and love


As soulas, we feel into our own soul knowing in our hearts, in our guts and within the rhythm of the earth. We allow the wisdom of both parents, babies and the dying to guide us. When we listen well and respect that the natural unfolding of birth or death mirrors the internal process of those involved, we can assist those involved to negotiate the journey with a little more ease and grace.

Deep listening and simple presence at birth and death provide the most powerfully transformative support. To be fully present requires taking responsibility for our own mind states and for facing our shadow selves, therefore the workshop provides space for self exploration and personal growth.

We investigate sacred space; How do we create numinous awareness? How do we hold our clients in a tender yet centred way? How do we do nothing as the most valuable way to support our clients? How do we tap into our inner wisdom, whether at birth, at death or in-between.

The workshop has been designed for doulas, midwives, those interested in becoming birth workers, care-givers who support the dying, and health professionals who care for their clients through listening deeply.

Cost of the training is R2500 .

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Robyn: +27768886551

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Transformational Retreats

Okavango Delta. July 2019

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I have this dream to connect like-minded friends from all across our wonderful earth, and take them to the places where I am most in tune with Mother Nature; the beautiful Okavango Delta and the Central Kalahari desert in Botswana. The steady rhythm of the earth is so present there that it brings me back into alignment with my true direction. It is a place where we can walk amongst elephants, and ride horses through wildlife that is undisturbed by our presence. Where we can meditate, rejuvenate and rest. In the evenings when we gaze up at the brilliant desert stars from the campfire it is easy to re-imagine the way we want to live in this world. This wilderness heals something deep inside of us so that our hearts expand widely enough to hold even the wounded soul of humanity.

Come and join me to explore your connection to Mother Nature so that you may find alignment between your life passion, your loved ones and your everyday life. This is a gentle retreat of nurturing our bodies whilst reconnecting with the natural harmony of our soul selves.

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