As we spend more time with our son and each other, it becomes clear just how beautiful your teachings for the world are. We feel enormous gratitude for having had our paths cross and to have been able to weave a close bond with you and your tremendous light. Thank you for your openness, your warmth and your sincerity. Your support was as integral as breath to us, we will deeply cherish it forever.


Probably more than anything Robyn, your interest in each of us as human beings, your mindfulness of our babies, the care you took to connect and support, and your integrity and lack of judgment… that enabled us to receive what you gave.


If I were to name the two most defining experiences of my life, top of the list would be my soul integration session with you. I am still in awe of your divine ability to tap into the heart of someone's soul and draw out their essence. In such an unassuming and gentle manner you coaxed out of me what I was holding on to at the deepest level. I could never have known I needed that release. You healed me on a level that has changed me. Settled me. If "thank you" can contain in it the depth of my gratitude then thank you a million times over.

The second experience would be the birth of my baby on the 10th of May this year -a process certainly linked to my time spent with you. My unborn child felt intrinsically what I felt during our integration session -it will remain a part her as much as it is within me.



Robyn embraced me and my journey with unconditional love, acceptance, caring and incredible, gentle wisdom. Empowering me through love and compassion, I am truly blessed to have met her.