to find your soul self

A pilgrimage is a journey that is undertaken for a spiritually significant reason.

The goal of a pilgrimage is to find the place where inner and outer landscapes merge, where our souls meet ourselves, where our hearts awaken, where our creativity stirs our imaginations, where the smallest wildflower holds the magnificence of sacred experience, where our challenges become promises, where silence leads us home, and where we are touched by our own unique longing so that it transfigures into a love of life.  

Okavango Delta

20th - 27th June 2020

I have this dream to connect like-minded friends from all across our wonderful earth, and take them to the places where I am most in tune with Mother Nature; the beautiful panhandle of the Okavango Delta and the central Kalahari, home to San Bushmen tribes who still live in a way that is very connected to Mother Nature. The steady rhythm of the earth is so present in Botswana that it brings me back into alignment with my true direction. It is a place where we can walk in nature, meditate, rejuvenate and rest. In the evenings when we gaze up at the brilliant desert stars from the campfire it is easy to re-imagine the way we want to live in this world. This wilderness heals something deep inside of us so that our hearts expand widely enough to hold even the wounded soul of humanity.

Come and join me to explore your connection to to the earth so that you may find alignment between your life passion, your loved ones and your everyday life. This is a gentle retreat of nurturing our bodies whilst reconnecting with the natural harmony of our soul selves.

Okavango photos (c) Lin Cassidy


We will meet you on your arrival in Maun, Botswana. After the first night spent settling in and beginning to slow down into a more natural rhythm that can begin to listen to the inner guidance of our dreams, we will leave early in the morning after a sunrise breakfast, to travel deep into the Okavango delta on Mekoro - canoes that are poled through the waterways. We will be sleeping in safe and comfortable canvas tents for two nights and will explore our connection to the stars as we sit around a camp fire in the evenings. The Okavango portion of the trip will include walks on the islands in the delta. The game that we invite into our encounters will hold symbolic significance which we will explore through our dreams and in group discussions. We will return to a beautiful bush-camp in the evening to prepare for the second half of the trip.

After an early morning game drive and breakfast we will head off to the border of the central Kalahari, where we will be camping close to a tribe of San bushmen for three nights, so that they may teach us about their connection to Mother Nature and the great spirits. The group that we will be working with still honour the old ways of their ancestors, and include a shaman / rainmaker / elder who holds sacred knowledge that is fast disappearing from the lives of the people of the central Kalahari. During this time we will continue with our own inner exploration of our high-paced urban mind states and how to bring them into alignment with the songs of the earth.

We return to Maun on the eighth day in time for your flight out of Botswana, or for further bush adventures of your own choice.

We are limiting the pilgrimage to a maximum of 8 participants.

A full itinerary will be uploaded in August 2019.


Reconnect to your Soul Essence through the Wisdom of Mother Nature

  • 8 days and 7 nights of inner and outer exploration guided by experienced facilitator, Robyn Sheldon, and professional safari guides Nicholas Sheldon and Nardia Cronje

  • Pole on mekoro (Tswana canoes) deep into the magical Okavango delta

  • Camp under the stars in the untamed Botswana Bushveld

  • Track wildlife and receive teachings from Bushman shamans

  • Find your own dream and manifest it in your everyday world



Most nights we will be camping in canvas tents in different locations in the bush. Our mobile safari team will move the tents and our gear each day, cook the wonderful bush food, prepare hot water for bush showers, and make the camp fires. Two nights of the seven will be spent in established bush camps.


Delicious meals are prepared for all our clients over camp fires. We pride ourselves on a fusion of vegetarian food and fire baked breads. Vegan and gluten free options are provided to those with specialised dietary needs. Wild game meat and other interesting local delicacies such as Marama nuts, koetchoes (truffles), mopani worms, palatshe and tsamma melons are available to those who are interested in them, in season. As far as possible we source local food filled with the fresh flavour of outdoor living.


We are limiting the pilgrimage to a maximum of 10 participants.

20 - 27 June 2020:

$2450 Inclusive of airport transfers, all activities, accommodation and food. Excluding flights into and out of Maun.

What is special about this journey?

The purpose of the pilgrimage will be to reconfigure our direction and reconnect to the soul essence of who we truly are, that we may live from that place of centred stillness.

Mother Nature, Bushmen shamans and our own inner wisdom will guide us through the journey. Similar to a vision quest, the focus of the trip will be to spend some time immersed in silence, some time in reflection, and some time using group work to discover our unique potential.