Searching for Soul leads to a deeper, more profound settling into an inner knowing that was there all along, but that we had somehow separated out from.

Mindfulness is the foundation for Soulfulness. A solid, grounded absolute balance for soulfulness. One without the other lacks wholeness and leaves us feeling adrift in a difficult to negotiate world. We learn to inhabit our bodies with mindfulness, and we come home when we recognise that our bodies are infused with soul.

Soulfulness arises out of an inner stillness. It belongs to a movement of dropping downwards into our bodies and from there expanding outwards into Oneness, rather than extending our awareness upwards into spiritual realms that are disconnected from our present day reality.

Join us on an inner exploration of the liminal realms; those spaces that are between this and that, where because they are unformed and unknown, we discover fertile ground for creativity, new possibilities and new directions in our lives.

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Soulfulness courses offer a practical, grounded exploration of our own inner realms

Creating a spacious inner stillness changes how we relate to the world around us

This changes how our world responds to us in return

And out of this flowing pulse of life between us and other, we discover that we are in fact one and the same.

This course offers an opportunity to:

  • engage with your own inner soul longing and to realign your life with this direction

  • drop into the grace-filled unknowing that is authentic, delicate, vulnerable, numinous and extraordinarily strong

  • create a spaciousness that can hold even the most difficult experiences with tenderness and care

  • be lighthearted and rest comfortably in the messy chaos of your life

What others have said about the course:

“Robyn brings an immense peace to the soul, and out of that blossoms life and the lessons ahead.” Drienie

“One of the best courses I have attended. Loved the ‘homeliness’ of it all. The depth, connection, spontaneity and profound simplicity.” Srini

“Robyn you created and held a beautiful, safe and sacred space for such soulful work to be done.” Justine