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for care-givers

Birth and death are sacred moments of receptivity, vulnerability and transformation.


To be a soul doula is to:

  • honour an incoming soul’s journey through the womb, birth and infancy.

  • support emerging parents to find their way through the dark unknowing of giving birth.

  • offer a compassionate, unwavering, sure space for those who are dying.

As soulas, we feel into our own soul knowing in our hearts, in our guts and within the rhythm of the earth. We allow the wisdom of parents, babies and the dying to guide us. When we listen well and respect that the natural unfolding of birth or death mirrors the internal process of those involved, we can assist them to negotiate the journey with a little more ease and grace.

The three day soula training incorporates:

  • developing self awareness

  • nurturing compassion for ourselves and by extension everyone we encounter

  • skillfully responding to each moment as it arises with equanimity and love

Through immersing ourselves in each moment, we listen with a different quality of attention. Using somatic awareness and the intuitive wisdom of the gut and heart brains, we tap into a profound internal guidance system.


The programme includes discussion, inquiry, periods of silent contemplation, experiential exercises, and listening deeply through developing mindful and heartful awareness.

The workshop has been designed for doulas, midwives, those interested in becoming birth workers, care-givers who support the dying, and health professionals who care for their clients through listening deeply.

Cost of the training is R2500

Constantia, Cape Town. 8 - 10 February 2019

Johannesburg. 1 - 3 March 2019

Speak to Robyn: +27768886551

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