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for care-givers

Birth and death are sacred moments of receptivity, vulnerability and transformation.


To be a soul doula is to:

  • honour an incoming soul’s journey through the womb, birth and infancy.

  • support emerging parents to find their way through the dark mystery of giving birth.

  • provide a space of deep listening to those transitioning through liminal spaces as they grow from one way of being into a new one in their lives.

  • offer a compassionate, unwavering, sure space for those who are dying.

As soulas, we feel into our own soul knowing in our hearts, in our guts, in the mystery and within the rhythm of the earth. We allow the wisdom of our clients, from babies all the way through to those who are dying to guide us. When we listen well and respect that the natural unfolding of life, including birth and death, mirrors the internal process of those involved, we can assist clients to negotiate their life journeys with a little more ease and grace.

The three day soula training incorporates:

  • developing self awareness

  • nurturing compassion for ourselves and by extension everyone we encounter

  • skillfully responding to each moment as it arises with equanimity and love

Through immersing ourselves in each moment, we listen with a different quality of attention. Using somatic awareness and the intuitive wisdom of the gut and heart brains, we tap into a profound internal guidance system.


The programme includes discussion, enquiry, periods of silent contemplation, and developing enhanced somatic perception. The art of listening deeply grows out of a mindful and heartful awareness that the subtle layers of experience hold within them all the answers to our own questions. When we honour this same subtle intelligence in our clients, they find their own resolutions and healing.

The workshop has been designed for doulas, midwives, those interested in becoming birth workers, care-givers who support the dying, and health professionals who care for their clients through listening deeply.

For details of soula events, please see the calendar:

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What is the course about and what’s in it for me?

In the same way that the value of a meditation retreat lies in the holding space that makes it safe and slow and spacious enough for us to explore our interior world, our emotions and our resistance to being present, the soula workshop will be investigating the topics outlined below, but the real work happens with the participants willingness to go deep into themselves. In other words the purpose of the workshop is not for intellectual learning, (although explanations for each topic that we address will be given). The purpose is for our rational minds to surrender their dominion over our felt sense, thus allowing our intuitive knowing and wisdom to flourish. When we can do this in ourselves, we create the safest environment for our clients (birthing, dying or going through any of life’s transitions) to let go into their own inner wisdom.

Topics that we might explore as we find our way through the dark unknowing of the felt sense will be drawn from the following outline (less is more, and we will engage with the topics that are most relevant to the needs of the group):

Meditation and finding stillness within

Silence as a medium for entering sacred space

Masculine and feminine: Bringing the sacred back into institutions. How the rational brain in our collective traditionally kills the sacred inner quality of purity, love and grace.

Re-establishing the archetype of divine feminine wisdom in the collective

The Sophia archetype of feminine wisdom is shy – like oxytocin

Understanding the incredible power of the divine feminine

Biodanza - dance of life, to awaken somatic intelligence

Developing trust

Just this much is enough

External reality mirroring what we long to learn on a soul level



Receiving guidance through tapping into the frequency of the soul self

Connection to and guidance from Mother Nature

2nd brain – enteric system wisdom – building Hara strength

Listening deeply to our hurt, resistant selves


Ceremony and honouring of sacred song - Singing from the soul

Sexuality - honouring the wounds within institutional systems


Taking care of our bodies: Spinning, exercise and the energy of the foods we consume.

If there is a particular topic that you feel very drawn to investigate please let me know and I will ensure that we give it attention.


Feedback on the course:

“What drew me is you, and knowing that you would remind me of Who I Am, because that’s been my experience of you before.

…we talked a lot about the Divine Feminine and how to hold this kind of space you speak of, and I kind of marvelled at how you facilitated the course, completely embodying that, so it was like were learning about that and you were actually demonstrating it in the way you ran the group.

… You allow; it’s like this water … you steward the process so consciously and in alignment, and we can absorb the process. That’s a rare thing. I don’t think I’ve met many people who have that, so thank you very much indeed.”


“I attended the 3 day Soula Training with Robyn Sheldon with no idea what to expect. Having attended courses with Robyn before I knew only that it would be a sacred space where active participation and deep listening would be respected. Over the course of 3 days I was led on an exploration of my own beliefs about soul and how I integrate soul awareness in my work. My mind was opened to many aspects of soul work that I had not previously considered or not placed enough emphasis on. My heart was opened to the deep connections created when women sit in circle - something that I have missed in the last few years. It was an emotional rollercoaster because I was given the space and the tools to see my own true essence. It is a course unlike any other I have attended (and I have attended many!) and what you get out of it will be what you need because that is Robyn's gift. It could not have come at a better time. If you are called to attend this workshop, I encourage you to listen.” 


“I’m blown away by your openness. You’ve taken us to deep places so simply.”

“There are very few people I trust to hold space for me. You are one of them. My spiritual midwife.”

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