1. Meet everyone in Maun at about 1.00pm. Lunch at The Dusty Donkey. Spend the night at Morutsa which is 1½ hours from Maun:

  2. Guided mekoro trip into the delta, and camp overnight on an island. We will learn from the ancestral wisdom of the local people about how we can create healthier solutions for our own sometimes fractured lifestyles, and also glean answers to how to negotiate the ecological crisis we are all immersed in these days.

  3. Return on mekoro to Morutsa.

  4. Having slowed down into a more natural rhythm that can begin to listen to the inner guidance of our dreams, we will leave early in the morning after a sunrise breakfast, to travel for three nights to Khwai nature reserve at Mbudi camp on the edge of the Okavango delta. We will eat food cooked on bushfires, venture into the delta on Mekoro - canoes that are poled through the waterways, and be present to the elephants, fish eagles and wildlife that move freely through the space. We will be sleeping in comfortable canvas tents and will explore our connection to the stars as we sit around a camp fire in the evenings. The game that we invite into our encounters will hold symbolic significance, which we will explore through our dreams and in group discussions. We could then either go to Khwai for two nights, with a bush walk and some time spent on the edge of the river doing a bit of process work, or we could do a day trip into Moremi - which is more of a game viewing experience, in which case we’d probably sleep at Duncan’s camp (which looks lovely on the website, but there is no water there at present)

  5. Second night in Khwai

  6. Two nights at Tshilli Camp for people to wash the dust off themselves with two nights of luxurious bush living with refreshing showers, plush duvets, camp fires and delicious food.

  7. We will spend the day here relaxing with time for discussion and for people to consider their own soul journeys. We continue to explore explore our connection to our soul selves as the bushveld has its own rich language that teaches us how to connect to our own inner truth.

  8. Arrive at Dqae Qare after first visiting the Kuru Arts Project in De’Kar. We will sleep in en- suite bedrooms, and visit the campsite for evening suppers out in the bush etc.

  9. San bushman experience - with a trance dance experience in the evening. The San bushmen of the central Kalahari spend the day teaching us about their connection to Mother Nature and the great spirits. The group that we will be working with still honour the old ways of their ancestors, and include healers who hold sacred knowledge which they access through an enhanced state of consciousness called !kia, which is a ‘trance dance' or 'healing dance'. They will also teach us some of their wisdom that not only includes food harvesting and fire making, but also something of their incredible generosity of spirit. During this time we will continue with our own inner exploration of our high-paced urban mind states and how to bring them into alignment with the songs of the earth.

  10. Spend the final day and night (with a closing ceremony) at Dqae qare.

  11. Leave early to get everyone back to Maun by midday.