We use active imagination, somatic awareness and stillness training to enhance our listening skills.

Facilitators are trained to create a trustworthy space for clients to begin to discern who they are and how they relate to the world.

The unborn child soul work is a portion of the full Soul Integration facilitator training.

Training to become a facilitator of Soul Integration work is an in-depth personal development process.
Stillness is.
It is quiet and without movement. I can move inward to access stillness, but in stillness, I can only rest, and out of that resting, form grows naturally and effortlessly. Pure stillness is the creative potential at the point before bursting forth into manifestation.
It is through stillness that you arrive at an awakened world.
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Part One: Soul Connections Training

2 year training programme.

3 Modules of two weeks each, with 6 months practical work under supervision between modules. The final 6 months is spent honing individual skills and completing course work specific to the needs and requests of facilitators in training.

Birth is a time of deep imprint vulnerability, so part of the training includes learning how to support unborn babies through birth without disturbing their immensely sensitive psyches. Birth work also includes assisting clients to retrieve their own birth memories.

  • individual pre-course session of 2 ½ hours
  • A comprehensive training manual
  • 3 on-site modules, with email and Skype supervision of practical sessions in the intervening months
  • Post course supervision and mentoring

Part Two: Advanced Facilitator training

One and a half year follow up programme of three modules with 6 months of on-line supervision in between them.

Rates: R9000 per module. R7500 for final module


Part one: Soul Connections

Module 1

Personal development.
Listening skills
Inner Child and Higher Self
Stuck themes
Physical reactions
Contracts and vows
Simultaneous lifetimes

Module 2

Holding space
Higher consciousness soul sessions
Difficulties in sessions
Doula skills

Soul connection with the unborn child session
Red thread sessions:
The Mother’s House
Conception session

Module 3

Archetypal sons and daughters session
Soul session
Abortion session
Body session
Comprehensive review
Ongoing Demonstration and supervision sessions
Becoming a fully fledged facilitator
Business practices

Part two: Advanced Soul Integration Facilitator Training

Prerequisite: Part One - the Soul Connections training

3 further on-site modules (4 - 6) with intervening practice under supervision over a period of one and a half years

Module 4

Clearing one’s parents
Clearing one’s children
Clearing significant others
Clearing the negative male/female
Theme sessions

Module 5

Archetypal inner sessions:
Inner mother and inner father
Inner male and inner female
Inner grandparents
Infertility and impotence


Module 6

Comprehensive review
Ongoing demonstration and supervision sessions
The facilitator and the Soul Integration Community
Skype sessions
Debriefing as an ongoing practice
Celebration and Dreaming the way forward


Module 1: R9500.00 excluding accommodation. This includes an individual session prior to the training, a training manual and course supervision in the intervening months

Module 2: R9000.00 excluding accommodation. Ongoing course material. and course supervision in the intervening months

Module 3: R9000.00 excluding accommodation. Ongoing course material and course supervision in the intervening months.

Module 4: R9000.00 excluding accommodation. Includes ongoing course material and course supervision in the intervening months

Module 5: R9000.00 excluding accommodation. Includes ongoing course material and course supervision in the intervening months 

Module 6: R7500.00 excluding accommodation. Includes ongoing course material.