Soul Integration for Parents

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Babies are sensitively attuned to their parents. They absorb the subconscious beliefs of their parents and use these to build a blueprint for their own belief. Babies use all their senses to interpret their world. The felt sense is the language of the soul. As adults we have all but forgotten this language, and as our babies mature, they eventually forget the authenticity and value of it too. But it will have set them on their pathway for life. 

Soul connection facilitators create the setting for parents and parents-to-be to connect on a soul level with their babies; born, unborn, and yet-to-be-conceived.

Skype Sessions Available

How Sessions Work

Over the course of three sessions of 2 ¼ hours each, we work individually with clients to connect them to their own inner knowing and to guide them to create profound connections to their babies before they are born.  These connections not only assist parents to find out how best to support their babies on their journey from the womb out into the world, they also create a sacred bond that lasts a lifetime. The communication with the babies occurs soul to soul through a process of using active imagination.

The imagination is rich with symbols and deeper levels of meaning. We are each entirely responsible for our own imagination as it belongs to each of us individually, and is never something someone else does for us, or something that we mimic from the outside.

Creating a trustworthy space for parents to connect to their babies is the true essence of this work.

Sessions are also valuable for healing any previous experiences that might impact negatively on birth and on parenting.

Individual Sessions - 2 ¼ hours each. R1250.00

Set of 3 Sessions - 2 ¼ hours each. R3330.00

Set of 3 Skype sessions - $255.00

Single Skype session - $100.00 

International sessions. Robyn sees clients individually when travelling to teach. 

Contact her directly to arrange sessions and courses in your area.


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