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Soul Integration sessions create profound shifts at a deep level of your consciousness where outworn patterns of behaviour are released to allow for a centred and balanced sense of a fully integrated self. They are guided by the Higher Self using a process of Active Imagination.

We use active imagination, somatic awareness and stillness training to enhance our listening skills.

Facilitators are trained to create a trustworthy space for clients to begin to discern who they are and how they relate to the world.

  • Individual pre-course set of Soul Integration sessions is a prerequisite

  • 3 year training programme of 8 weekend intensives per year, with required intervening practice under supervision

  • Includes comprehensive training manuals

  • Training to become a facilitator of Soul Integration work is an in-depth personal development process 

  • The unborn child soul work is a portion of the full Soul Integration facilitator training

Stillness is.
It is quiet and without movement. I can move inward to access stillness, but in stillness, I can only rest, and out of that resting, form grows naturally and effortlessly. Pure stillness is the creative potential at the point before bursting forth into manifestation.It is through stillness that you arrive at an awakened world.
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What is in it for you?

We make an impact in this world depending on how aware we are in our everyday consciousness. We make a difference through HOW it is that we do the things we do. Nelson Mandela was a great leader not only because he implemented change, but because he listened to others with deep respect and honoured them, despite their shortcomings. |He was a great leader because he was filled with gratitude and appreciation of others.

The Soul Integration training is a 3 year journey of deep inner work that leads us to becoming facilitators who can remain centred, calm and sure through every session. It teaches us to be of service guided by our Higher Selves in ways that are filled with joy no matter our external environment.

The purpose of the work is to become whole in ourselves so that we may be of service to others.

Year One: Soul Connections

Module 1

Personal development.
Listening skills. holding Space. Purpose of sessions

Module 2

Inner Child and Higher Self

Module 3
Resistance. Refusal to see. Physical reactions

Module 4

Past Life sessions

Module 5

Stuck themes. Difficulties in sessions

Module 6

Contracts and vows
Simultaneous lifetimes

Module 7

Holding space
Higher consciousness soul sessions

Module 8

Ethics. Business practices. Doula skills

Year Two: Pregnancy, Birth and the Unborn Baby

Module 9

Soul connection with the unborn child session

Module 10

Listening and Holding space

Module 11

Pregnancy and Birth Sessions:

Abortion. Conception session. Infertility and impotence

Module 12
Red thread sessions: Part 1

Mother’s House. Archetypal sons and daughters session

Module 13

Red Thread sessions Part 2

Good Mother Bad Mother. Negative Masculine

Module 14

Disease and Body Sessions

Module 15

Clearing Sessions

Part 1: Clearing the Mother

Module 16

Clearing Sessions

Part 2: Clearing the Father

Year Three. Soul Integration

Module 17

Clearing Sessions

Part 3: Clearing significant others

Module 18

Theme sessions. Part 1

Module 19

Theme sessions. Part 2

Module 20

Archetypal inner sessions: Part 1:

Inner Female

Module 21

Archetypal inner sessions: Part 2.

Inner Male

Module 22

Archetypal inner sessions: Part 3.

Inner Mother and Inner Grandparents

Module 23


Module 24

Listening and Holding space on higher dimensions
Becoming a fully fledged facilitator. The facilitator and the Soul Integration Community
Skype sessions
Debriefing as an ongoing practice
Celebration and Dreaming the way forward

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Prerequisite set of 3 sessions: 2.5 - 3 hours per session: R4500

24 Modules of 2 days each: This includes the course material and online availability with Robyn Sheldon or a certified Soul Integration facilitator in the intervening time between modules: R1800 per weekend.


The next Soul Integration facilitation training programme will be taking place in Cape Town, beginning in September 2019.

In order to participate in the programme it is necessary to experience a set of 3 individual sessions with a trained Soul Integration facilitator beforehand.

Year One:

Module 1: 21 - 22 September 2019

Module 2: 19 - 20 October 2019

Module 3: 23 - 24 November 2019

Module 4: 18 - 19 January 2020

Module 5: 15 - 16 February 2020

Module 6: 21 - 22 March 2020

Module 7: 18 - 19 April 2020

Module 8: 16 - 17 May 2020