Soul Songs


This is an illustration of a powerful dream I had last week where I was taken to an incredibly high dimension filled with golden lengths of wood, each of which rang at different frequencies, and which together could be played as great musical instruments. Each person had their own room and could play their own 'soul song'. It was extraordinarily beautiful and felt like a reconnection through nature and wood to my inner wisdom, and simultaneously to the wisdom of life itself. 

In the dream these wooden beams (I was told they were made of Silver Birch) not only rang, but also gave me some very specific advice (about money, of all the unexpected things!) 

It felt as we need to listen to this new language of ethereal song, because the knowing embedded in the musical instruments could also find solutions to global problems, ecological crises, war, corporate greed and violence. I am reminded of how Albert Einstein said in the context of discussing the dangers of nuclear weapons, that “a new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”

These soul songs seemed to be the voice of a 'new type of thinking', and it is crystal clear to me that when I resonate with their vibration, I am no longer imprisoned in the divisiveness, constriction and negative judgment of my everyday mind. Besides which, their sounds were enchanting and I WANT to hang out there and learn their language.

Amy Mongie