Soul Self and the Cerebrospinal fluid

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A couple of days ago I had a kinesiology session with next-level kinesiologist Anne Devlin. We were working on activating my pineal gland so that it was operating at full capacity. It turned out my pineal was working fine but the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) carrying messages from the pineal to the rest of my brain and spinal cord structure could do with some attention. As I focused my attention on the flow of CSF through my brain and spinal cord, a sea of well-being enveloped me along with a recognition that this area of focus was not only good for my own spiritual alignment, but that there was something crucial here in terms of coming home to our Soul Selves.

Since then I have been investigating the feeling that one of the many ways to align ourselves with what we may term our inner wisdom, Truth or our Soul essence, is though developing an intuitive awareness of the movement of our cerebrospinal fluid, which is the fluid that not only cushions our brains and spinal cord but also carries hormonal messages from one point to another within our neural networks.

I’ve had some personal experience in working with CSF, not as a craniosacral therapist, but as a patient. About 6 years back my dural membrane, the membrane surrounding my brain and spinal cord, spontaneously punctured at a point beneath my occiput, and much of my CSF leaked out through this hole. Which not only meant that my brain was un-cushioned by fluid and I therefore experienced headaches that had me crawling from bed to bathroom, it also meant that for a couple of years I looked ten years older than I do today, and it meant that my brain waves were choppy and unsynchronized so I couldn’t think clearly. It required that I become very quiet to simply cope with the pain, so although I lost my connection to my inner guidance system, the slowing down did create some inner peacefulness amidst this desertification of my insides. In retrospect on a soul level it felt like an episode where I decided to experience a lack of connection with an inner energetic world that had felt utterly trustworthy, in order appreciate this connection and to rebuild it consciously. Through this experience I learned to value CSF as a medium through which Universal life force streamed in a way that connected me to multidimensional realms of being.

I’m not a Cranio-Sacral Therapist or an Osteopath. My intellectual knowledge of the ebb and flow, the constriction and expansion, the fullness or emptiness of CSF in our bodies could do with much further investigation. But this is what little information I already knew or gleaned from the internet at 12.00am last night when I woke with a need to do some online research on the topic. There were various sources but the most reliably researched information came from a videotaped conference presentation by Mauro W. Zappaterra MD PhD:

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  • The embryo is enveloped in a sea of amniotic fluid, some of which is enfolded into the spinal cord to become the primal form of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Vígh et al., 2004. An 8 week old embryo’s brain consists mostly of the choroid plexus, which is an intricate network of nerves or vessels responsible for producing CSF – so that the developing nervous system can be bathed in this fluid. If we go back to simple organisms like star fish, sea water played a similar role ancestrally to CSF in developed brains.

  • An embryo’s brain development collapses unless it is immersed in CSF, whilst too much CSF pressure leads to impaired neural stem cell division and hydrocephalus 1977; Desmond and Levitan, 2002)

  • The pineal gland, pituitary gland and the hypothalamus float in a lake of CSF within the third ventricle (hollow cavity) in the brain. In Vedic literature and Taoist texts this lake is known as the Crystal palace or the Cave of Brahman

  • Images of the CSF filled third ventricle resemble the the Eye of Horus in Egypt, also known as the All-seeing eye, symbol of God power - see image above.

  • During states of hypnotic relaxation, deep sleep or meditation, the slower CSF rhythm soothes the brain and cleanses it.

  • Due to its intimate contact with the thalamus, hypothalamus, and pineal gland, the CSF may convey important peptide signals regulating behavioral states and other states of consciousness as well. Mauro W. Zappaterra

  • The pineal gland not only regulates hormones such as melatonin (governs sleep-wake cycles and is a major free radical scavenger and antioxidant) but also hormones such as DMT (the ‘Spirit Molecule’ that is produced at birth, death and during intense and vivid dreams). These hormones are thought to be released into the CSF for instant transportation.

  • Intentional movement like Chi Gung, intentional thought, healthy food, chants and mantras, pranayama breathing exercises affect the rhythmic flow and overall health of the CSF.

  • Dr Randolph Stone wrote that ‘the soul swims in the CSF’.

  • Dr Sutherland - founder of cranio osteopathy quoted Dr Still as envisioning “the CSF as an intermediary in the movement of divine intelligence, a channeling of creation into embryological segments and irrigating them with life, giving form and function and order and intelligence to our existence.”

  • Flower essences store their essence or healing energy within fluid, and Maseru Emoto demonstrated that water stores energy of emotions and words. “Similarly CSF may transmit and absorb the essence of Source and allow us to experience to be aware and conscious of our beingness.” Mauro W. Zappaterra

  • CSF can transmit light, vibrations, movement and molecules through the cilia surrounding it.

  • Kundalini rising pushes CSF up towards the brain. Kundalini awakening is a fluid like wave of energy that moves from the sacrum (os sacrum = sacred bone) to the ajna (third eye or pineal gland) and sahasrara (crown) chakras and back down again. There is a possibility that CSF transports kundalini energy, much as the nerves transport electro-magnetic messages? In my experience kundalini energy begins in coiled form in the hara or Dantien (2 finger breadths below the umbilicus,) where it is closely connected to sexual life force, then it unfurls itself downwards into the perineum, and from there up into the sacrum and beyond. Nevertheless once it reaches the sacrum, it does feel as if it is connected to both the CSF (a gentle flow), and the spinal cord itself, which is much more strongly electro-magnetic and can be overwhelmingly powerful.

  • Vedic literature describes the flow of kundalini as passing through Nadis to rise up to the brain. There are three nadis – ida (thought to be connected to the pineal gland), pingala (thought to be connected to the pituitary gland) and shushumna (central canal thought to represent the CSF stream)

    ‘Nadi’ is defined in Tamil as: nerve or blood vessel or pulse, and in Sanskrit as channel, stream or flow. The three nadis meet at the third ventricle (Cave of Brahman; the fluid-filled radiant space in the middle of our head)

  • Advanced kundalini practitioners eventually produce Amrit from the third ventricle. Amrit is described as the nectar of immortality

I am struck by how valuable an awareness of CSF as a bridge to the Soul Self might be to soul doulas whose aim is to support their clients during times of major transition such as birth or death, from a place of deep inner stillness.

Perhaps most importantly, if women in labour or people about to cross over at the end of life, could tune into the rhythmical flow of CSF in their bodies, this would allow a deep surrender into their internal experience and simultaneously support the production and transportation of the hormones required for laboring or dying well; oxytocin, DMT and beta-endorphins.

If soul doulas and birthing or dying support teams were attentive to their own rhythmical flow of CSF by focusing on their pineal glands in the centre of their heads, midway between their ears, and then expanding this awareness outwards to the flow from there down to their sacrum and back up again, this would allow for an altered state of consciousness to emerge in the room that could be immensely supportive of their client. My own experience of this is that once the rhythm is established it pulses gently outwards into a vastly expanded auric space.

There is a connection between CS fluid flow, hormonal production and energetic flow that links what is happening on a physical level, an emotional level and a soul level, and creates connections or resonance links between all the people in the room – or all the people that are energetically aligned through focused intention or prayer, or even perhaps on an deeper level, with all beings, with the collective unconscious and with Oneness consciousness.

Robyn Sheldon