Where did all that Primordial Bliss go?


July 8, 2016

From the womb our unborn babies show us glimpses of the primordial nature of their souls. They show up in various forms and are often oceanic, golden, timeless and filled with a spacious quality of unending love.

It is the nature of life on Earth that at birth we contract down into physical form and disconnect from this sea of primordial bliss. Then it becomes our life task to search for it again. There are endless choices for how to go about this search. We might choose to find our connection through having innumerable love affairs, through tantric sex, through taking mind expanding drugs, through eating chocolate, snowboarding down cliff faces, driving Ferraris, yoga, gardening, marathon running, sitting quietly doing nothing, helping and loving others, playing chess or having babies. We might try to reach enlightenment through ascetic practices, through fasting, through becoming breathatarians, through meditation, through channeling Ascended Masters, or through loving kindness practices.

Some of these are more effective routes back to our True Home than others, but one of the most basic drives of the human spirit is to find the connection again that we lost at birth. And there is something to this Hero’s journey of loss and regain that is more valuable than staying in the primordial bliss in the first place. It seems to be like the tempering of iron. The place of enlightenment that is the end goal of the search has a wisdom that is deeply nourishing for the collective soul of humanity and possibly the Universe. The primordial bliss that babies emerge from is like an IMAX super surround sound version of the love that they exude after birth, but the enlightened bliss of a Wise One is whole and understands the entire package of life on Earth without rejection. Really wise beings are fun to be around because they make me see this world I live in in an expanded way.

However it is particularly hard at this stage of our Earth’s evolution for me to scrabble out of the mire that is my experience of life here. I mean I don’t make it easy for myself, because so much in my lifestyle is geared towards contracting me down into a version of reality that is separate, divisive and self serving. Junk food makes me groggy, TV violence hardens me, road rage disconnects me from any peacefulness I spent hours of meditation time developing, bank queues, concrete, smog, and security checks in airports make my eyes glaze over and my heart contract. Some of that stuff is unavoidable, but I seldom have the capacity to cruise through it whilst smiling benevolently at grumpy security checkpoint agents or grid-locked traffic. Although I do know a few very gorgeous people who can do that. At least some of the time.

But when I look at the big picture, I think that a seriously good place to start changing the status quo so that my great-grandchildren might one day cruise benevolently through life, is at birth itself.

When I watch babies coming into their bodies at the moment of birth, there is a contraction and an arrest of this natural movement into retaining a broader consciousness, that is caused by the harshness of the birthing environment.

A foetus has an energy field that can be massive. The mother’s job is to funnel that energy down into her baby at birth. She is like the bridge between primordial consciousness and embodiment for her baby. The birth partner is like the struts of the bridge. The birth team and the birth keepers are the foundation rock for the bridge.

Her job is to make this bridge as wide and soft and open as possible, so that as much of the primordial nature of the baby as possible can descend into its body. The wider and softer and more open that she is, the easier labour is likely to be, both for her and her baby. So her job in labour is to connect to her baby, whose vast energy field can carry her into a place that is so expansive that she is way bigger than her physical form. The hormones of labour naturally support this process, as do partners and birth-keepers that trust in it.

When she holds a truly expanded level of consciousness that aligns with a high frequency of energy, the baby is not forced to separate off from her own primordial nature in the same way. Birth is not nearly as traumatic, and in fact can be ecstatic. Imagine the world we could begin to create when we are birthing beings whose energy is large enough to encompass it. Imagine how many more of us would potentially reach enlightenment. Imagine the wisdom and the love. It would be a challenging ride for those of us who are already here, because these babies would require that we address every issue that is keeping us small and constricted, but just think of what an amazing roller coaster of joy it could eventually become.

Whoo hoo, sign me up.

by Robyn

Robyn Sheldon