The new way of being in the world


June 16, 2015

This new form of consciousness that we’re birthing into the world at the moment is phenomenal in its expansiveness. It’s quite unlike anything that the world has known as a collective consciousness prior to this time.

Martha Beck, bless her wild, wonderful way of being, calls it Wordlessness, perhaps because it is either pre-or post-verbal in its expression. Ken Wilbur terms it the Super Human Operating System.

What both of them are referring to is an Integral consciousness, an experience of being in the world whilst interconnected with all other beings. It is a sense of Oneness consciousness, and an experience of understanding the ‘World Without’ on a deeper level of perception. It is a merging with the ground of all being which is experienced as unconditional love whilst simultaneously maintaining optimal lines of intelligence and an ability to be grounded in Earthly existence.

Soul Integration fits beautifully into this map of inclusive Consciousness. It is at its most powerfully transformative at birth. This is because it makes such a difference to birthing babies to have a soul connection to their parents through the journey of birth. Birthing mothers and fathers can maintain this connection optimally when their awareness is expanded into a place of Witness and Oneness consciousness during labour. The intensity of labour and the hormones of labour facilitate this process. Doing so makes labour so much less painful that it is worth maintaining for the pain factor alone. Oneness consciousness (and this fits in with Martha Beck’s description of Wordlessness) is a state of being that unborn babies resonate at, they live in Wordlessness. Birthing into an environment that resonates with them on a soul level makes babies happy.

Although babies are also connected to their physical bodies, and their emotional and felt sense perceptions whilst they are in the womb, unborn babies are much more than that. They are still conscious of being entirely merged into a place of deep spiritual awareness, their spiritual bodies are vast and their sense of being merged with Oneness is uninhibited.

Babies can experience trauma while they are in the womb, and this trauma does have a long term impact on the deeper levels of their psyche, in fact it moulds and shapes the way that they are in the world. However, the real impact of prenatal trauma only really hits them at birth and beyond. Babies in the womb report through the unborn child sessions that they’re not as deeply affected by it. This is because they are not yet fully attached to their physical and emotional bodies which are storing these traumatic memories.

At birth a baby moves into his or her physical body, into his or her emotional body and at the same time becomes somewhat disconnected from the experience of Oneness consciousness. The less the birth team and the parents’ awareness is placed on the baby’s ability to maintain connection to Oneness, the more disconnected he or she becomes from it.

It seems that it is only possible for babies to actually hold onto a perception of still being in Oneness consciousness after birth if they are supported to do so by their environment that they are moving into. If their parents can be in a place of Wordlessness, and can have integrated this fully into their beings so that they’re holding that space of still, clear awareness during labour and birth, then their babies are able to remain connected to Oneness through birth and beyond.

This is tremendous in its implications. If the babies can maintain their connection to Oneness consciousness, this means that we can begin birthing a whole generation of entirely different beings. We’re already doing this through remembering how to be in Wordlessness ourselves. However it is one thing healing our previous wounds in order to move into Oneness. And it is a whole step towards breeding a new category of human if we are able to provide the circumstances for babies to remain completely connected as they come into the world. They would then be born directly into what Ken Wilbur terms the 2nd tier of awareness. At the moment Wilbur says we are born at the bottom of the 1st level and we grow through different stages of consciousness. We move higher up through these stages if we consciously choose to evolve, until we reach the 2nd tier of development which is the birth of this new form of consciousness. However as part of this paradigm of potential, if we birth babies directly into the 2nd tier, they would work through the stages of development from a different perspective altogether because they would remain immersed in Oneness consciousness whilst they are simultaneously growing through all the usual stages of development.

by Robyn

Robyn Sheldon