Stretching our Hearts Wide Open.


July 8, 2016

Gratuitous violence on TV is like maize meal and yams in Africa. Staple diet stuff.

So much of life is unquestioned and entrenched into my worldview, and much of it is violent. It is so ‘staple diet’ that I forget, that like yams, it has very little nutritive value.

I hear statements like ‘Birth is traumatic’, ‘Babies must cry at birth’, ‘Doctors know best’ all the time. They anchor my awareness in the profane, mundane material world, whilst simultaneously divorcing me from the larger reality that is steeped in sacred awareness.

I often take the worldviews of the collective consciousness for granted. Battery chicken and factory farming, or our use of pesticides or the addition of carcinogenic chemicals to 90% of the produce in a standard supermarket are issues I seldom lose sleep over.

There is a certain amount of lying that unconsciously goes into the creation of these worldviews, in order to promote the agendas of the medical institutions or the agro-chemical businesses or the powers that be.

I am dismayed by TV violence, not because it is so awful but because I know that the moviemakers sign contracts that explicitly require them to include a high percentage of violent encounters per episode in order for the movie to make more money.

My heart sinks like lead when doctors think that it is normal for all babies to scream and be terrified at birth, because they don’t realize that their lack of awareness is causing the sensitive hearts of these babies to contract in fear.

The unconsciousness that goes into and comes out of food production and packaging and marketing it makes me want to weep for our world.

The “Leave’ vote politicians lied to the populace about what it would mean for Britain to ‘Brexit’ the EU. The Brexit result is depressing because it highlights the narrow mindedness of so many people voting from a constricted viewpoint that couldn’t see beyond their own picket fences.

I have no idea if the same unexpected result will happen with Trump in the US elections.

And yet the paradox remains that no matter that the outcome of the Brexit vote was a shocker, the EU and almost all political parties also have agendas that I can’t even begin to get my head around. The lies and deception go so much deeper than the distressing issues that are being exposed around fear of foreigners. Central banking systems don’t make decisions in the interests of commoners, they design policy to widen the divide between rich and poor. And the central banking system of the EU is a BIG bank.

I hurt most when the violence that permeates every stratum of our society is unconsciously perpetrated or is hidden in lies and deceit.

So wherever possible it makes sense that I look deeply to understand the motivations behind how my human mind operates.

However. That is only half the story.

Truthfulness is a tricky issue. When someone tells me the truth about my own unconscious and discriminatory behavior, I tend to tighten my defenses, batten the hatches, squint back at them with a glowering expression on my face, and feel hurt, unheard and misunderstood.

It all seems to come back to not only seeing deeply, but also to listening deeply. Great politicians know this. They are masters of the art of making people feel good so that they will come and sit down nicely at the negotiations table. And it takes great courage and wisdom to be this open hearted.

Concepts are easy to figure out as concepts, but so difficult to implement in practice. This one of opening my heart wide enough to understand the thoughtless behavior of the people and institutions promoting divisive practices stretches me way beyond my limits. It means I need to listen deeply enough until I understand where the makers of TV violence are coming from; that I look into their hearts until I recognize that they are afraid of poverty or that they probably weren’t very loved when they were babies. Or something!

I know that my midwife and doula friends will resonate with the stretch that it takes to open our hearts wide enough to understand how the business of birth got so … businesslike, and how and when it lost its soul. It includes stretching beyond our frustrations into a place where we can love the people and policy makers in the institutions enough that we entice them to the negotiating table.

Opening our hearts wide enough to birth the truth beneath the suffering and avarice in our world requires that I understand the pain in the closed down hearts of the chicken farmers and the lying politicians and the people who govern Monsanto. I don’t think my heart is big enough. I don’t think I have the capacity. But I do think there is a seed of a good idea in there that has the power to sprout into a tree that looks like the Tree of Souls in Avatar, with roots deep enough to infiltrate the power structures and an energetic matrix that can permeate the hardest of hearts.

by Robyn

Robyn Sheldon