From Womb to World


January 25, 2017

During pregnancy our wombs develop, in the words of Rudolf Steiner, a ‘cosmic orientation’ that is held in place by the placenta and the amniotic body of fluid enveloping our babies. Many indigenous cultures honour the placenta as the keeper of spiritual wisdom, and as the baby’s spiritual mother.

Our exquisitely sensitive cervixes are the guardians of this sacred space, ensuring that our babies can develop undisturbed.

To breach the cervix by forcing it open through induction or through ‘stretching and sweeping’, is damaging to its psyche. Unnecessary interference in the natural process of birth sends a message to our bodies that they are not to be trusted and that they have no idea of how to protect and take care of themselves or the baby that they have spent nine miraculous months creating.

When the foetus gives the cervix the sign that the time is ripe, its role is to surrender and let go of its guardianship and become the gate that honours the passage of the newborn out into the world.

Our hormones are the messengers between the foetus and the cervix. Send the wrong messages – of fear and resistance – and the cervix does what it is primed to do; it closes down to protect its beautiful baby within. If the messengers are ones of love (oxytocin), and well-being (beta-endorphins) – it gracefully moves its guards aside and open its gateway to the external world.

If it understands its role well enough, through good communication with the endocrine system, the cervix can embrace the role of opening with a fullness and an instinctual knowing that can be ecstatic.

Robyn Sheldon