Liminal Living.The Way of Soul Integration.


January 25, 2017


Poised at a defining moment of being either on the brink of wiping ourselves out, or of transforming to a higher level of consciousness collectively, we are momentarily hovering in the space between. It is as if life has become transparent. This offers us the potential for more clarity, since we can see through the density at last, yet at the same time reality has become more ephemeral and has lost some of the reliable solidity of material existence. We still perceive it as solid, but the solidity is not reliable since our link to it has been made tenuous through the ecological crisis we are in, and because we have awakened to the power that our external environment is only a mirror for our internal experience. The recognition that we can change who we are, that we can raise or lower our vibrational frequency, that we can change our environment through our intentions, makes our world lissom, supple, or more graceful.

It also makes it more scary. More unknown. More astonishing.

We have moved into liminal space. Liminal means ‘between’. It is a threshold, either between being asleep and awakening, life and death, or the breakdown of an old order and the establishment of a new one. When a liminal state exists it allows for fluid boundaries and creates malleable situations. Out of this dissolution of being neither here nor there, or in both places at once, new institutions and customs can emerge. It is the necessary ‘gap’ that we need to fall into in order to create a new world order that is less hierarchical, one that is more aligned to being in tune with the Earth. Tibetan Buddhists refer to the liminal state as the ‘bardo’. Traditionally the bardo states refer to the time between one life and the next. In liminal lands we are transitioning between realms, one foot in dream space and one in waking consciousness, or one foot in our present way of life that is destructive to the planet, and one foot in the hopeful resonance of a more integrated consciousness where solutions to the ecological crisis that we are facing can reveal themselves. This space of liminal awareness is the pivot point. The new form of conscious awareness we are birthing on Earth of collaboration and inter-being arises from this point.

The feeling we tap into through liminal space is one of being poised, hesitant, vulnerable, and simultaneously bursting with potential. Liminal spaces are this and that, here and there, both and neither, they are in-between. They present the opportunity for massive transformation and yet they are delicate as unfurling butterfly wings. They makes demands of a different sort of us, requiring that we stop our daily distractions, notice their luminous, transparent quality and breathe anew.

Today is a Sunday, a meditative restful day of allowing some space for stillness to arise. This morning I wore my pyjamas and dressing gown till long after morning was a distant memory. This afternoon I went for a walk and the recent rains had caused moss to grow on all the pathways. This evening I made pumpkin fritters with large yellow squashes because I didn’t have any pumpkin. Mostly though I spent the day meditating, settling and letting go. Extraordinary beauty emerged in everything as the day progressed. It arose from opening my heart to the stillness within, and the stillness overflowed into everything around. I revelled in the grace arising in this unpretentious place.

Stillness is.

The movement of stillness is not more inward than outward, because stillness is quiet and without movement. We move inward to access stillness, but in stillness we rest, and out of that resting, form grows naturally and effortlessly. Pure stillness is a liminal space. It is the creative potential at the point before bursting forth into manifestation.

Moment by moment turning our awareness inwards into this point of pure being, the brilliant kaleidoscope of life emerges like water from a spring.

At this pivot point out of which our direction arises, we settle into the natural order of things, and into flowing in harmony with the Way of the unconditional and unknowable source and guiding principle of all reality.

This still point resonates with love, serenity, joy and compassion. It is the level of awareness that we must birth into if we are to find solutions to the present ecological crisis we are facing on Earth. As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Our responsibility is to know that from centering in the pivot of liminal space we create these worlds of experience on Earth, and to become the puppeteer rather than the puppet we must first become the still point at the centre.

Robyn Sheldon