Where we honour the magnificence of birth and the soul wisdom of the incoming babies

Birth is a sacred event. Mama Bamba recognises that love and deep listening enhance the beauty of birth. We support our clients to create soul-filled births in a language that their caregivers understand and respect.

Birth is an extraordinary process; a sacred journey of becoming for the baby, and an unfolding ritual of transformation for the parents.

You have the potential to embrace this power with open arms. You have the potential to change, not only yourself, but society’s collective beliefs.

I am here to guide you to reveal your unique birthing power; you may give birth to compassion within your heart, you may become an Amazonian warrior, or you may quietly expand beyond your boundaries and touch the stars. Birth is intense. You may fight it or surrender to its magnificent life force. You will do this together with your baby. You may do this as a shared journey with your partner.

The journey of birth has the potential to change you forever. You are the change that creates a more wholesome way of walking on the Earth. You are the creator of a world that is a beautiful gift for your child.