When we strip away our armour and our conditioning, all that is left exposed are our wild hearts soaked in an underlying matrix of love.

Facilitator Training

Birth is a time of deep imprint vulnerability. Facilitators are taught to hold sacred space and to guide clients to retrieve their own birth memories and heal their own wounds. 

Clients connect with their babies on a soul level, and learn how to support them through birth without disturbing their immensely sensitive psyches.


Doula Training

Mama Bamba doulas are taught to hold a strong, still, supportive space for their clients in labour. When both parents are free of fear, the mother naturally moves into an altered state of consciousness. 

Babies born into this sacred birthing field remain connected to a high frequency of consciousness resonating with unconditional love and wisdom.

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You and your baby deserve to birth with love, reverence and awe. It will shatter your sense of who you think you are, and it will blow your heart wide open. With luck, you will never be the same again.

Unborn Child sessions have been created for parents-to-be (pre or post conception) and are guided by your Higher Self and the incoming soul. Meeting your unborn baby on a soul level prior to birth shifts your relationship to a sacred level of connection.

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Unborn child sessions

In-depth individual sessions for parents-to-be to connect on a soul level with their babies; born, unborn, and yet-to-be-conceived


Unborn Child sessions have been created for parents-to-be (pre or post conception) and are guided by the Higher Self and the incoming soul. Meeting this being on a soul level prior to full incarnation shifts your relationship with your baby to a sacred level of connection. 

One of the most uplifting experiences of pregnancy is to work with forming a relationship with your child when it is still in the womb. Unborn babies are so connected to their soul’s knowings that they hold a wisdom that far surpasses our narrow, limited version of reality. Shortly into any session working with unborn children they reveal themselves to be filled with unconditional love and to have a deep acceptance of us and our inability to understand life from their much clearer perspective.

Pregnancy is a time of spiritual connection. If we choose to do so, we can generally experience our spiritual reality more profoundly and easily then than at other times of our lives; perhaps because our babies have an expanded sense of awareness and we are physiologically, psychologically, and psychically interdependent. As Rosie said in her session with her unborn child “It’s almost like I can see the connection between my heart and womb where the baby is; there’s this strong red force connecting us. She’s a naughty, cheeky elf with a grin and then a laugh like music.” Rosie’s sense was that her baby was such a happy, giggly being that she wanted lots of laughter to make the birth easier. The session made her feel “calm but strong at the same time”. Her husband who attended the session with her described his connection to their baby thus; “it seems like a glowing white ribbon from my heart. Like a longing, I can’t find words for it. It’s just love; bursting at the seams kind of stuff.”

Parent’s inner wisdom guides them to feel this connection to their babies. Even those parents who don’t trust in their ability to connect intuitively to their child in the womb seem to easily establish this relationship once they relax and allow the process to unfold.  As they soften, listen and feel the quality of his essence, the baby then tells them what he needs to say.

Robyn’s birth preparation course was just beautiful, each session a delight. It gave me the space to express and explore and connect and move and dance and be centred be with my partner (completely) and feel moments of deep connection with my baby and experience her wisdom and beauty, this being filled with love.

And our babe’s arrival was so sudden and unexpected, her presence, her beingness, her realness left Ivan and I laughing in delight, in amazement and wonder and connection and love. A sense of utter presence which we could hold. Our midwife wasn’t able to get to us in time, so it was just Ivan and I and this new new being.

In the weeks and months that followed I have been able to hold my small beautiful little child and look deep into her eyes and see and be met by the magnificent beautiful love soul being God within and say yes hello I know you and fill to the brim with love and tears and emotion.
— Lisa

A set of three Connecting with your Unborn Child sessions can clear many of your unhealthy ancestral patterns and conditioned beliefs, increase your intuition and self trust, and create a soul bond with your incoming baby.

Each session lasts 2 1/2 hours. 

To book a set of sessions, please fill in the form below: 

Name *
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Unborn Child sessions for Parents

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Babies are sensitively attuned to their parents. They absorb the subconscious beliefs of their parents and use these to build a blueprint for their own belief. Babies use all their senses to interpret their world. The felt sense is the language of the soul. As adults we have all but forgotten this language, and as our babies mature, they eventually forget the authenticity and value of it too. But it will have set them on their pathway for life. 

Soul Integration facilitators create the setting for parents and parents-to-be to connect on a soul level with their babies; born, unborn, and yet-to-be-conceived.

Skype Sessions Available

How Sessions Work

Over the course of three sessions of 2 1/2 hours each, we work individually with clients to connect them to their own inner knowing and to guide them to create profound connections to their babies before they are born.  These connections not only assist parents to find out how best to support their babies on their journey from the womb out into the world, they also create a sacred bond that lasts a lifetime. The communication with the babies occurs soul to soul through a process of using active imagination.

The imagination is rich with symbols and deeper levels of meaning. We are each entirely responsible for our own imagination as it belongs to each of us individually, and is never something someone else does for us, or something that we mimic from the outside.

Creating a trustworthy space for parents to connect to their babies is the true essence of this work.

Sessions are also valuable for healing any previous experiences that might impact negatively on birth and on parenting.

In person and Skype sessions are available.

International sessions. Robyn sees clients individually when travelling to teach. 

Contact her directly to arrange sessions and courses in your area.


South Africa:

Set of 3 in-depth sessions of 2:45 - 3:00 hours each: R4500.00

3 hour session for connecting to the unborn child: R1500.00


Set of 3 in-depth sessions of 2:45 - 3:00 hours each: $630.00

3 hour session for connecting to the unborn child: $210.00


Contact Us

Robyn Sheldon: 


Tel: +27 (0)21 8851045

Name *


Soul Integration facilitators who are also working as doulas are “Soulas’ or ‘Soul Doulas’. 

We have created prenatal preparation training programs that assist parents to honour the sacred wisdom of birth and of their unborn babies. We also gently assist clients during Soul Integration sessions to embrace their wholeness; including both their shadow sides and their enlightened selves. 

Therefore, an added benefit of the work is that it supports parents to birth into a higher form of consciousness themselves and to break through generational, rigid patterns of parenting that no longer serve them or their babies.

And then, to complete the birth preparation, we offer soul doula assistance during labour and birth. We help to create a sacred birthing field that is centered, containing and holds the highest frequency of consciousness for the incoming baby. This enables it to remain connected to Oneness Consciousness as it emerges into its tiny, dense and rather awkward physical body.

Soul Integration sessions create profound shifts at a deep level of your consciousness where outworn patterns of behaviour are released to allow for a centred and balanced sense of a fully integrated self. They are guided by the Higher Self using a process of Active Imagination.

The quieter we become and the deeper we listen, the more we have access to the Still Point within ourselves. This is a place of absolute peace and calm, and when we hold ourselves in the Still Point, we transmit peace and calm into the space around us. Attuning to the infinite power at the Still Point within us, we come into alignment with everything outside of us. From the level of fine-tuning where we actually come to a full stop, we are one with everything within and without ourselves.

By harnessing the energy of the Still Point through Soul Integration sessions, we transform not only ourselves, but also the people around us, our environment, and society at large. It is only through experience that we can come to know the power of the Still Point for deep and sustained transformation.

Imagine a baby, still so trusting, soft and beautiful, so full of love. Imagine a baby who isn’t afraid, because this baby is loved by her parents. She is kept close to her mother with skin to skin contact. She is breastfed and she is peaceful and observant. This baby is absorbing her surroundings and seems awestruck by how beautiful everything is, especially her mother. Imagine that baby.

This is an image of a person before life has thrown rejection, failure, hunger or sadness at her. It is an image of a person before the challenges of life have caused her to close down into tension, constriction, defensiveness or attack mode.

This is the soul self.

At the end of of life, our questions are very simple: Did I live fully? Did I love well?
— Jack Kornfield

Better than anyone else in the world, we each know deep down how to remedy the problems in our lives. Soul Integration sessions simplify our complex, topsy turvy, very hectic Twenty First Century lives by putting them back into perspective and guiding us back to that which is real and meaningful to each of us individually.

A set of three Soul Integration sessions can heal trauma, release stress and align us with our soul self and our own internal truth. Each session is 2:45 to 3:00 hours in length.


South Africa:

Set of 3 in-depth sessions of 2:45 - 3:00 hours each: R4500.00


Set of 3 in-depth sessions of 2:45 - 3:00 hours each: $495.00

Set of 4 in-depth sessions of 2:45 - 3:00 hours each: $660.00

To Book a set of Soul Integration sessions, or for further enquiries, please fill in the form below.

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Soul Integration sessions create profound shifts at a deep level of your consciousness where outworn patterns of behaviour are released to allow for a centred and balanced sense of a fully integrated self. They are guided by the Higher Self using a process of Active Imagination.


We use active imagination, somatic awareness and stillness training to enhance our listening skills.

Facilitators are trained to create a trustworthy space for clients to begin to discern who they are and how they relate to the world.

The unborn child soul work is a portion of the full Soul Integration facilitator training.

Training to become a facilitator of Soul Integration work is an in-depth personal development process.
Stillness is.
It is quiet and without movement. I can move inward to access stillness, but in stillness, I can only rest, and out of that resting, form grows naturally and effortlessly. Pure stillness is the creative potential at the point before bursting forth into manifestation.
It is through stillness that you arrive at an awakened world.
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Part One: Soul Connections Training

2 year training programme.

3 Modules of two weeks each, with 6 months practical work under supervision between modules. The final 6 months is spent honing individual skills and completing course work specific to the needs and requests of facilitators in training.

Birth is a time of deep imprint vulnerability, so part of the training includes learning how to support unborn babies through birth without disturbing their immensely sensitive psyches. Birth work also includes assisting clients to retrieve their own birth memories.

  • individual pre-course session of 2 ½ hours
  • A comprehensive training manual
  • 3 on-site modules, with email and Skype supervision of practical sessions in the intervening months
  • Post course supervision and mentoring

Part Two: Advanced Facilitator training

One and a half year follow up programme of three modules with 6 months of on-line supervision in between them.

Rates: R9000 per module. R7500 for final module


Part one: Soul Connections

Module 1

Personal development.
Listening skills
Inner Child and Higher Self
Stuck themes
Physical reactions
Contracts and vows
Simultaneous lifetimes

Module 2

Holding space
Higher consciousness soul sessions
Difficulties in sessions
Doula skills

Soul connection with the unborn child session
Red thread sessions:
The Mother’s House
Conception session

Module 3

Archetypal sons and daughters session
Soul session
Abortion session
Body session
Comprehensive review
Ongoing Demonstration and supervision sessions
Becoming a fully fledged facilitator
Business practices

Part two: Advanced Soul Integration Facilitator Training

Prerequisite: Part One - the Soul Connections training

3 further on-site modules (4 - 6) with intervening practice under supervision over a period of one and a half years

Module 4

Clearing one’s parents
Clearing one’s children
Clearing significant others
Clearing the negative male/female
Theme sessions

Module 5

Archetypal inner sessions:
Inner mother and inner father
Inner male and inner female
Inner grandparents
Infertility and impotence


Module 6

Comprehensive review
Ongoing demonstration and supervision sessions
The facilitator and the Soul Integration Community
Skype sessions
Debriefing as an ongoing practice
Celebration and Dreaming the way forward


Module 1: R9500.00 excluding accommodation. This includes an individual session prior to the training, a training manual and course supervision in the intervening months

Module 2: R9000.00 excluding accommodation. Ongoing course material. and course supervision in the intervening months

Module 3: R9000.00 excluding accommodation. Ongoing course material and course supervision in the intervening months.

Module 4: R9000.00 excluding accommodation. Includes ongoing course material and course supervision in the intervening months

Module 5: R9000.00 excluding accommodation. Includes ongoing course material and course supervision in the intervening months 

Module 6: R7500.00 excluding accommodation. Includes ongoing course material.

A precious resource for parents to be, a reminder of the power and gifts that come from bringing mindfulness and heartfulness to the unfolding of the whole process.
— Jon Kabat Zinn (Founder of "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)

There is richness and magic in birth. Yet because we are afraid of its pain and power we turn our backs on it, choosing instead to sanitise it and strip it of feeling through medical interventions.

Yet birth is a peak experience that has the potential to transform us, and birthing with conscious awareness offers our children an initial experience of life where they are shown that they need not be afraid – that life in all its intensity is something to embrace, laugh with, cry about and cherish.

The stories, meditations and lived experience in this book are powerful wisdom for expecting parents. It shows us concretely how to relax into, accept and transform the fear and pain of birth by coming back to the present moment to be aware of our body and mind.
— Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen master and author of "Peace is Every Step")
Incredibly insightful - All you need to know to connect with your baby and give birth lovingly are here
— Jan Tritten (Editor of "Midwifery Today")
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“You are a birth servant. Do good without show or fuss. If you must take the lead, lead so that the mother is helped, yet still free and in charge. When the baby is born, they will rightly say: ‘We did it ourselves!’
— Tao Te Ching

Women across the globe appreciate and value the experience of having a doula– a knowledgeable, experienced companion – who stays with them through labor, birth and beyond. Birth doulas offer emotional support, encouragement and wisdom throughout labor and birth.

Achieving certification is a process that requires considerable time and effort. 

Our doula training course prepares doulas to care for their clients, by providing comprehensive experience in:

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 5.26.29 PM.png
  • Hands-on Labour Support Techniques
  • Doula-Client Interaction
  • Scope of Practice, Mission
  • Statement and Standards of Practice
  • Ethics and Responsibility
  • Stages of Labour and Comfort Measures
  • Postpartum and Newborn Care
  • Caesarean Birth and Vaginal Birth After Caesarean
  • Emotional care of the Labouring Woman
  • Listening Skills
  • Managing Difficult Situations
  • The Birth Partner
  • Looking after the Doula
  • Marketing and Business Practices

Student doulas are required to attend a minimum of four births, complete the reading lists, and attend a breastfeeding management course by a certified lactation consultant.

Mama Bamba training in the Western Cape is R5200.

This includes:

  • An 10 day in-depth doula training course spaced over 5 weekends
  • A comprehensive training manual

Mama Bamba Annual membership fees are R350. 

Doula’s who certify with Mama Bamba get referenced on the Mama Bamba website

This fee includes a two hour debriefing session every month.

Out of town annual membership (website info only): R200.

Mama Bamba highly recommends that you also invest in post course supervision, which you pay directly to the supervisors, who accompany you to births initially, and help you with onsite training, observations and guidance. Depending on how much time you contract to work together with them, this can range from between R500 – R2500. It is not a compulsory cost, but it is very helpful to new doulas to attend at least one birth with a supervisor.

Breast feeding courses range from R300 (online with minimal info) to between R650 – R1100 for a one or two day workshop with an IBCLC lactation consultant, which often includes experience in assisting new mothers to breast-feed. These courses are arranged by students directly with the course providers. 

Trainings that are arranged away from home – countrywide or international have their own fee schedule. The increase is due to travel costs.

Feedback from Course participants 

The course was a life changing experience. It was conducted in a way that I learned so much in an informal setting. I loved absolutely every aspect of the course. Everything taught confirmed how passionate I am about becoming a doula. Robyn is the most extraordinary teacher, relaxed, invested, she loves and is passionate about what she does.
— S.H.
The course was absolutely wonderful!! It was special in that it focused on the soft aspects of being a doula and was incredibly unique, thought provoking and experiential. The majority of what was taught in this course is not possible to learn through reading. I was really pushed to my limits in terms of reflecting on who I am as an individual and how I can be a compassionate doula. Much of what I learned can be applied to all aspects of my life – how to be wholehearted and facilitate Oneness – in doulas and beyond. I loved birth dance and how in my body I felt. Robyn is brilliant – intuitive, so passionate, a great facilitator, and an amazing storyteller. She also really encourages people to think laterally and reflect deeply. She did a wonderful job of remaining objective. I also loved how she is constantly referring to the latest research and best practice.
— K.R.
I loved the devotion of the instructor, the layers of the subject matter and the activities and resources we were exposed to. We were given a well rounded and encompassing view of birth, birth practices, doula scope of practice and self awareness. Robyn is incredibly knowledgable and amazingly versed at ways of being with women.
— M.L.

As long as we think we’re perfect, we can be pretty sure we’re not. But when we embrace our imperfections, and still love ourselves; when we can acknowledge the world’s imperfections and still wonder at the beauty of them, when we can hold it ALL with loving kindness and compassion, then we’re in with a fighting chance of really finding a gateway through to the Stillness.

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A doula is the term given to a person attending to the continuous, emotional support of a woman in labour. Traditionally, women – especially first time mothers, would be assisted by other women when they were giving birth. The best birth attendants were comfortable and confident that they knew the way forward through the journey of labour and birth. Ideally, they were there to encourage, nurture, and support the birthing mother. They took care of her with kindly words, appreciation, guidance, massage and focused attention.


Doulas provide emotional companionship in labour. 

A doula does not replace the birth partner; she acts in a supportive role to both parents, and her role is to encourage the birth partner to recognize how integral their involvement can be in creating a satisfying birth experience. Part of a doula’s role is to assist the partner to stay more involved during labour, rather than to pull away in times of stress. Because doulas are familiar with the process of birth, they can honestly reassure both parents about the normality of the experience during times when it might seem overly intense.

The power of birth generally has a long term impact on our emotional and spiritual well being. Whether it creates a positive or a negative impression depends on our circumstances, our level of trust and our ability to remain open to the experience.

doula Directory

Cape Town


Hi, I'm Amy Mongie, I offer my doula services in the

Helderberg, Stellenbosch & Wineland areas.  Y

ou can call me on

 072 551 4287 or email me at



Through my experience of preparing for & having 2 home births, I gained a completely new understanding of the power & strength of our incredible bodies.

These experiences led me to train as a doula and start Souls in Motion where we offer pregnancy yoga, Mindful Birthing Workshops and doula support. I love sharing with women that beautiful positive births are absolutely possible and doable. I aim to guide my clients to learn to trust the process, trust their power and to stay present and loving however their birth unfolds.


Hello, I'm Angela Morton. I service the Southern Suburbs area. My number is

 073 655-5884  or email me at 



I am deeply energised when I assist women to take charge and exercise their right for choice.  As a life coach, counsellor and hypnotherapist, this is what I facilitate – taking responsibility, through educated choices, for oneself.  And the birthing room is the ultimate place where we can do this because we are doing what we were built for.  We just need to trust ourselves to do it.

As a doula, this is where I come in.  I bring my gentlest, most non-judgemental and committed self into the birthing room to hold and continuously support mothers through what they already know how to do instinctually and beautifully…


Hi, I'm Chana Miriam Opert. I am a Mama Bamba doula, offering my services in Cape Town. You can contact me on

078 142 3658 or e

mail me at chanamiriamopert@gmail.com


I am a mom of seven, Aura Wellness certified Hatha yoga instructor,  Chana is passionate about the miracle of birth and about empowering the women to trust their bodies and minds. 

Antenatal visits, labour and birth support through massage, natural pain relief techniques,  active labour positions, guided relaxation and visualisation, yogic breathing and positive affirmations, postpartum support (postnatal visits, assistance with establishing successful breastfeeding)



profile pic.jpg

Hello, I am Lillian Simms. I offer my doula services in 

Midrand, Pretoria and Joburg (North). My number is 

084 880 0911 or you can email me at 

lillian.simms@gmail.com. I am a registered nurse and passionate about my profession. Having witnessed the birth of my granddaughter, my eyes were opened to how medical the birth process had become and how natural is ought to be. 

Throughout history the wisdom of birthing has belonged to the family and the community. Women birthed in familiar surroundings and among people they were comfortable with. Our modern technology driven society birth has moved from home to hospital, overseen by medical professionals where touch and patience has given way to tests and time keeping. 


My goal is to discuss your choices, explore the options and support you to enable the birth you envisage.


I offer baby immunization clinics as well as postnatal mom and baby services.






Hi, I am Waheeda Buckus. I am a student doula servicing the 

Musgrave, Overport,  Sherwood, Westville & Umhlanga areas. My number is 

079 745 8384 or email me at 




My passion for natural birth without extreme medical intervention was born after witnessing the birth of my sister at age 21. The experience of gaining a sibling so late in life as well as the challenges of a high risk pregnancy and lack of support provided by doctors during that difficult time, led me to train as a doula. As a doula my aim is to empower women not to fear birth but rather embrace their bodies natural process so that they have a positive birth experience through trust, love and support.

Other qualifications: Cupping and Massage therapist


Instagram: @santorini_women


Facebook: santoriniwomen

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Maria and Asaf

"As we spend more time with our son and each other, it becomes clear just how beautiful your teachings for the world are. We feel enormous gratitude for having had our paths cross and to have been able to weave a close bond with you and your tremendous light. Thank you for your openness, your warmth and your sincerity. Your support was as integral as breath to us, we will deeply cherish it forever.”



"If I were to name the two most defining experiences of my life, top of the list would be my soul integration session with you. I am still in awe of your divine ability to tap into the heart of someone's soul and draw out their essence. In such an unassuming and gentle manner you coaxed out of me what I was holding on to at the deepest level. I could never have known I needed that release. You healed me on a level that has changed me. Settled me. If "thank you" can contain in it the depth of my gratitude then thank you a million times over.

The second experience would be the birth of my baby on the 10th of May this year -a process certainly linked to my time spent with you. My unborn child felt intrinsically what I felt during our integration session -it will remain a part her as much as it is within me."

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.25.36 AM.png


"Robyn embraced me and my journey with unconditional love, acceptance, caring and incredible, gentle wisdom. Empowering me through love and compassion, I am truly blessed to have met her.”

Another Tanya

Probably more than anything Robyn, your interest in each of us as human beings, your mindfulness of our babies, the care you took to connect and support, and your integrity and lack of judgment… that enabled us to receive what you gave.”


Birth support that is centred, trustworthy, safe and holds a frequency of love for the incoming baby

Soul doulas, or soulas, include unborn child sessions as part of their doula portfolio

Photo of Liam.JPG

Prenatal preparation for parents that honours the wisdom of birth and the soul wisdom of the incoming babies

Birth is a sacred event, although in this day and age it is an element of birth that is often ignored. Mama Bamba antenatal birth preparation looks at the various ways to recognise the deep wisdom and soul beauty of birth, and to find ways to incorporate it into birth plans in a language that caregivers will understand and respect.

You and your baby deserve to birth with love, reverence and awe. It will shatter your sense of who you think you are, and it will blow your heart wide open. With luck, you will never be the same again

Mama Bamba Way Birth Preparation

The Mama Bamba Way Birth preparation antenatal classes are designed to create empowering and transformative birth experiences for women, their partners and their babies.

We believe women should be able to encounter birth as a soul satisfying, deeply enriching experience. We offer antenatal classes to provide tools for ensuring that birthing mothers trust in their ability to birth in the manner of their choice and are able to do so with mindfulness, support and confidence.

Our experiential, practical approach to antenatal preparation encourages you to trust your body to let go of fear during birth. Doing so allows labour to unfold in an easier, more loving way. We provide information on how relaxation and support can help you physiologically during birth, we guide informed decision making around birth choices, and we offer experiences of deep relaxation, visualisation, movement for releasing tension in your body, massage techniques, and connecting with your unborn baby as helpful resources that you can draw on during labour.

The more we resist and fight and fear labour, the more it hurts. The more we soften and open to the experience, the more magnificent it becomes.

The Classes

The Weekend Course wonderfully complements traditional health care.

10.00 am – 5.00 pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Plus one evening class 

The course includes:

  • The Mama Bamba Way. Inner Pathways back to the Power and Pleasure of Birth. Robyn Sheldon

  • The Mama Bamba Way – Guided Visualization for Birth. CD by Robyn Sheldon and Michael Martin

  • Handouts


Small groups of no more than five couples. The antenatal course is attended by you and your birth companion.

Course: R1800.00 per couple.

Usually we think that brave people have no fear.
The truth is that they are intimate with fear.
— Pema Chodron
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 6.19.23 PM.png

Robyn Sheldon

designed the Soul Integration programme for connecting individuals to their innermost resources. She guides pregnant parents individually to connect to the souls of their unborn babies. The magic of birth is captured in her book, “The Mama Bamba Way”, which describes her birthing philosophies and brings her practice to thousands of parents across the world. 

Robyn is presently completing a book on life (mostly her own one) as a spiritual journey.

robyn@robynsheldon.com   +27 76 8886551


Caitlyn Collins 0746710952 caitlyn.midwife@gmail.com



Caitlyn is a midwife and a mother of 3 children. She can only do the work she does because of her amazing life partner Marc and their wonderful community.



She is passionate about sharing information and holding space for women and their families to explore and discover themselves, becoming empowered through pregnancy, birth and parenting in their own unique ways.


Caitlyn teaches the Mama Bamba way  antenatal classes to pregnant parents.



She is a director at the Compassionate Birth Project working with midwives and maternity staff in self care.