A doula is the term given to a person attending to the continuous, emotional support of a woman in labour. Traditionally, women – especially first time mothers, would be assisted by other women when they were giving birth. The best birth attendants were comfortable and confident that they knew the way forward through the journey of labour and birth. Ideally, they were there to encourage, nurture, and support the birthing mother. They took care of her with kindly words, appreciation, guidance, massage and focused attention.


Doulas provide emotional companionship in labour. 

A doula does not replace the birth partner; she acts in a supportive role to both parents, and her role is to encourage the birth partner to recognize how integral their involvement can be in creating a satisfying birth experience. Part of a doula’s role is to assist the partner to stay more involved during labour, rather than to pull away in times of stress. Because doulas are familiar with the process of birth, they can honestly reassure both parents about the normality of the experience during times when it might seem overly intense.

The power of birth generally has a long term impact on our emotional and spiritual well being. Whether it creates a positive or a negative impression depends on our circumstances, our level of trust and our ability to remain open to the experience.



Soul Integration facilitators who are also working as doulas are “Soulas’ or ‘Soul Doulas’. 

We have created prenatal preparation training programs that assist parents to honour the sacred wisdom of birth and of their unborn babies. We also gently assist clients during Soul Integration sessions to embrace their wholeness; including both their shadow sides and their enlightened selves. 

Therefore, an added benefit of the work is that it supports parents to birth into a higher form of consciousness themselves and to break through generational, rigid patterns of parenting that no longer serve them or their babies.

And then, to complete the birth preparation, we offer soul doula assistance during labour and birth. We help to create a sacred birthing field that is centered, containing and holds the highest frequency of consciousness for the incoming baby. This enables it to remain connected to Oneness Consciousness as it emerges into its tiny, dense and rather awkward physical body.